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Functional Training At Its Best

Functional training at it’s best! Tired of the same boring exercises? Get creative with mixing and matching some of these videos, check out Diana’s chest series and combine them with Phil’s squats and Seth’s stability ball Ab routines. Sign up now as a member so you can learn the best tricks for building the body […]

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Golf Conditioning 101

With the beautiful weather this summer it seems everyone is out on the golf course. But how can you improve your game when you can’t get out on the course? Here are some ideas to improve your game by conditioning for the game! Warm Up:  5+ minutes of cardio….get your head into the game!  Get […]

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A Simple Healthy Shopping List

Sometimes we get into ruts when preparing our shopping lists and need a little nudge to include healthier ingredients. Here are some ideas for your next shopping list: Shopping list: Boneless/skinless chicken breasts Eggs Egg beaters Flank steak Salmon Low fat yogurt Whey protein Brown rice (minute) Cottage cheese (reduced fat) Natural peanut butter (reduced […]

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Nutrition Basics

Some people would argue that nutrition comprises nearly 80-90% of your fitness results. You really are what you eat. So here are some thoughts to chew on: Calories in and calories out…you’ve got to work it off if you want to change the way you look and or feel! Think about food pairing. Your body […]

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Are You Training With Intensity?

Maximize your results now! Everyone has a different idea of what it means to “work out”.  For some it is simply walking the dog around the block. Others want to burn a certain amount of calories, do a certain number of reps, or maybe set a new max on a certain lift. I’ve been in […]

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Smart Cardio Training

Cardio training can seem downright boring as hell sometimes.  I teach all of my clients about the basics of heart rate monitoring, duration, intensity, and frequency.  What most of them struggle with is purely psychological.  They have come to associate cardio training with plodding along on the treadmill or the elliptical, or having their ass […]

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Time Management Skills

The number one reason for people not exercising is that they “don’t have enough time”. When I hear this from a client, I always ask them how it is that they can’t find time for their own health? Think about it, when was the last time you were sick or injured?  How many sick days […]

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Strength and Conditioning for MMA Fighting 101

6 week basic program for training the right energy systems to fight and not gas out. Strength and Conditioning basics for MMA fighting: If you’ve been following this column, you know I am training to fight, as well as working with some of the top up and coming fighters in the Denver area.  I have […]

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