Golf Conditioning 101

With the beautiful weather this summer it seems everyone is out on the golf course. But how can you improve your game when you can’t get out on the course? Here are some ideas to improve your game by conditioning for the game!

Warm Up:  5+ minutes of cardio….get your head into the game!  Get your body into the game!

Active stretching
Arm swings, leg swings, spinal rotations, hip rolls, knee rolls

Lower: hip roll, leg raise, ball raise
Outer:  iron crosses, boat rows
Upper: crunches, sit ups, bicycles

On ball:  crunches, hyperextensions, forearm rolls (crosses), supine crosses,

More core!  Funky push ups, inchworms, bear crawl, stability drills.

Body weight squats, dumbbell squats, lunges, (walking, step backs, 4 directional)
Leg curl on ball

Dumbbell chest press, fly.

Rear delt fly
Side lat raise
Rotator cuff exercises

Seated row, diagonal crosses (high to low, low to high)

Yoga:  sun salutations, hip openers, spinal twisting.

General parameters:  3 times a week every other day with weights.  3 sets of 12-15 repetitions with one minute of recovery between all sets.  Body weight exercises can be done every day.

Cardio should be done 6 days a week, minimum 20 minutes.  The better shape you are in, the better golfer you will be!!

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