Are You Training With Intensity?

Maximize your results now! Everyone has a different idea of what it means to “work out”.  For some it is simply walking the dog around the block. Others want to burn a certain amount of calories, do a certain number of reps, or maybe set a new max on a certain lift.

I’ve been in and around gyms for more than 20 years and nothing drives me more crazy than seeing people utilizing their “work out” time to socialize, tell stories, or generally waste time.  We live in a nation of obesity and disease.  When we go to the gym, we need to start off by walking into the facility with intention.  Acknowledge why you are going to the gym at all.  Ask yourself what your goals are: both long and short term. What do you want to accomplish? How will it be measured?  What is your plan?  Is it a cardio day? An upper body day? A core day? If you “fail to plan, you plan to fail!”.

Bearing this in mind, the next step is to realize that being in the gym is for you and you alone.  It is your time, your body.  Give yourself the respect you deserve!  Now let’s get down to business.  Intensity is where it is at. Period!  We need to keep an eye on the clock all of the time.  Reduce your time between all sets and all exercises to less than one minute.  Buy a heart rate monitor that measures calories.  Statistically “resistance training” burns 450 calories per hour.  Even at 7 days a week, this will not result in losing even a pound of body fat.

STEP IT UP PEOPLE!  I think that you should be burning about 600 calories per hour when training with intensity!  When utilizing a heart rate monitor, keep an eye on your working heart rate during exercise, then see what it is at after one minute of recovery.  Use these numbers as parameters for the rest of your workout.  I like to get up into the 160 range uaring exercise, and try and recover to the 130 range in my prescribed one minute of recovery.  This guarantees intensity!  And Intensity guarantees results!

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