A Simple Healthy Shopping List

Sometimes we get into ruts when preparing our shopping lists and need a little nudge to include healthier ingredients. Here are some ideas for your next shopping list:

Shopping list:

Boneless/skinless chicken breasts
Egg beaters
Flank steak
Low fat yogurt
Whey protein
Brown rice (minute)
Cottage cheese (reduced fat)
Natural peanut butter (reduced fat)
7 grain reduced carb bread
Protein plus power bars
Spinach mixed greens
Broccoli (Fresh if possible, frozen ok)
RED, Yellow and Green Peppers
All other vegetables you like…the more diversity the better!!
whatever other fruit you like the more diversity the better!
Light oil based salad dressing

Let’s think about smaller portion sizes (remember the palm of your hand is a snack 4-6 Ounces)
Let’s think about eating more frequently (if more than 2.5 hours has gone by, you are slowing down your metabolism!)
Let’s realize we need Carbs Earlier in the day for energy, Taper off the startches at night.
Nuts and fruits as snacks
Cook in bulk and freeze stuff….we have microwaves for just such issues!
Spice your food!  Pesto, Red Pepper, Garlic!,

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