Nutrition Basics

Some people would argue that nutrition comprises nearly 80-90% of your fitness results. You really are what you eat. So here are some thoughts to chew on:

Calories in and calories out…you’ve got to work it off if you want to change the way you look and or feel!

Think about food pairing. Your body works best when food groups are combined. For example:  if you eat;
1/2 a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese, two eggs cooked in olive oil and a piece of fruit for breakfast, you are including carbs, proteins, and fats.  This is a well balanced meal.

If your mid-morning snack is a protein bar with less than 300 calories you are good, then for lunch you have sliced turkey, tomato and spinach with mustard on rye, with a small salad, vinaigrette dressing you are good.  Did I mention water?! Dinner would be salmon, salad, and brown rice.

How about some more? Tuna sandwiches, chicken or steak burritos (go naked or in a bowl instead of the tortilla).  Start using less cheese, and more salsa…the more color the better . How about eggs everyday…yeah, boil em, scramble em, fry em (that would be in olive oil).  Did I mention water?

Fresh fruit and or vegetables…think fruit in the morning…vegetables at lunch and dinner no fruit or fruit juice after 4 pm.  Did I mention water? How about mixed nuts for a snack…think one handful is a snack, two is a meal.  Eat more fish…salmon is the best.  Did I mention water?  I really like having balance bars around as snacks. Power bar also makes a new product called Protein Plus.

Start eliminating sugary snacks…like soda…and start thinking green tea! Make subtle changes each week, don’t shock the system. Start with adding fresh fruit and vegetables and more water then start eliminating things. Every meal is a chance to change your body. Chew your food with the awareness that each bite is literally re-creating you!!

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