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I Lost 30lbs!

I have been working out with Tim since 2007 and have to say if there is one word to sum up Tim, it would be “real”.  Let me say right now, there is no BS with this guy.  No marketing hype, no inflated “certificate” degrees, and no hidden agendas.  Tim is a “get it handled” kind of guy who will lay it on the line in whatever terms you need to get motivated.  Tim understands that people who seek personal trainers don’t just need to “work out”. We need someone who can help us to help ourselves. We need someone who has “been there”, fighting the same fight – everyday – and that nobody should have to go it alone.

Workouts with Tim are not just hard (because they are hard…), they are specific and targeted to what your body will respond to with positive results.  The regiment is never set in stone.  Every training session starts with “talk to me, how are you feeling today?” With that question answered, we proceed with training my body for maximum results.  From power lifting to Yoga, we’ve done it all.  If there is one thing I’ve learned with Tim, it’s that just because you’re sore or you’re not feeling well does not mean you cannot achieve success in the gym.  There is no curve ball he can’t hit – period.  His knowledge of physiology, muscle mass, bone structure, and just all the “stuff” that makes me go sometimes blows me away.  In a phrase, “he gets it”.  Since working out with Tim, I have lost 30lbs and still working to achieve my ultimate goal of a gaining a healthy body and a strong mind.  Thanks Tim!

Steve Tinetti
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10271 Royal Eagle Lane
Highlands Ranch, CO  80129

Better Performance

I’ve worked out with TIS for 7 months and have seen amazing improvements all around. I’ve increased cardio abilities, lifted weights I never thought possible and improved my balance (which is no small feat!). I’m fitting into clothes I haven’t worn for 3 years and snowshoeing was a cakewalk this winter! TIS has helped me develop a workout plan that is easy to maintain but with lots of options to keep from getting bored. It’s become addictive – a great investment in yourself!

And – snowshoeing today at Winter Park was truly a cakewalk compared to last year – hardly breathing hard even walking uphill!!! You’ve turned me into a semi-jock! Now that amazing….considering how dorky I usually am!

J.E., Denver, CO

Increased Confidence

I first trained with TIS about 12 years ago in San Diego, CA.  At that time, I was over-stressed, and working in a job I was not suited for.  During the time that TIS trained me, I lost weight, improved my health, and developed a love for fitness and athletics.  Tim is a great motivator.  I have worked with other trainers who were not as good at motivating me as Tim

Since 12 years have passed, and Tim & I now live in different cities, many things have changed.  The two long-lasting benefits that I have gained as a result of knowing Tim, are (1) a lifelong love for fitness, and (2) confidence.  I started a small business while I was working out with Tim.  Tim did have an effect on my decision to start the business, because as my stength grew, so did my confidence.

Thank you Tim!

Sharene E., San Diego, CA

Strong Core

“I have been training with TIS fitness system training for a number of years now. I started out dreading going to the gym and falling into the rut of training. The wide variety of exercises available for the many different styles of workouts I need, is what keeps me coming back. I have a bad back, so there are even workouts that cater to that, while still giving me a good workout!! I have developed larger and more defined leg muscles, a smooth streamlined back, and a stronger core from using these workouts. They are easy to use, and can be challenging when I need them to be. The convenience of having a personal trainer there when I am ready is so worth while. I recommend this to anyone wanting to start out a new fitness routine or for those looking to improve on their current program.”

Emily Green, professional club Dj, nurse.

Having Fun – Feeling Great!

I am a 47 year old mom who just wanted to get in better shape to keep up with my 11 and 13 y.o. sons. After training with Tim, I can ski twice as far without stopping for panting, am riding dirt bikes, and coaching a 7th grade boys Lacrosse team! I also work full time. I am having so much fun! My husband has lost 38 pounds with Tim and is looking good again. (You ladies know what I mean. I got my old boyfriend back!)

Thanks Tim!

Elizabeth C.

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"I can't even begin to tell you what a difference you have made in my own attitude towards fitness! Your workouts are tough and the results are obvious."

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