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TIS Fitness Systems in Denver, CO offers personal training in the gym for those who are motivated and ready to workout with our small and friendly group sessions or one-on-one sessions and via the internet for those who are not able to join us in person. Call or Text (815) 904-0133 to find out more about our available services:

    • Personal Fitness Training

    Personal Fitness Training Denver by TIS Fitness Systems

    1-on-1 training sessions that are designed specifically for you. Individualized programing is included to ensure you meet your goals in the most efficient way possible. Beginner or experienced, our personal training service will cater to whatever your fitness goals may be.. Read More

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    • Semi-Private Training

    Semi-private Training by TIS Fitness Systems - Denver Fitness Trainer

    Do you have a more enjoyable experience in a small group fitness setting? Then our semi-private training is right for you! With groups ranging from 2-5 people, we offer a fun, social, and supportive setting for you to attack your goals with your friends.. Read More

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    • Team Fitness Training

    Team Fitness Training by Denver Fitness Trainer at TIS Fitness Systems

    Are you a coach of a sports team looking for a way to get your team one step ahead of the competition or group of athletes looking to gain a competitive edge to set yourselves apart from the pack? Our Team Training is an athlete specific, sport focused service that will do just that. No matter the sport. No matter the season. We will work with you to get you better.. Read More

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    • Bootcamp Fitness Classes

    Bootcamp Fitness Classes by TIS Fitness Systems - Denver Fitness Trainer

    Our bootcamp fitness classes are small group (2-5) sessions which are station oriented to keep you moving throughout the entire class. We'll make sure you leave with a smiling, sweaty face, knowing that you gave it your all! Read More

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    • Corporate Fitness Accounts

    Corporate Fitness Accounts by TIS Fitness Systems - Denver Fitness Trainer

    Our Corporate Fitness service offers onsite training (personal training or group training) to help increase overall health and fitness of your employees! ..Read More

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    • Strength Training

    Strength Training by Denver Fitness Trainer - TIS Fitness Systems

    Do you like to pick up heavy things? Do you want to pick up even heavier things? Our strength focused service offers individualized programing and 1-on-1 personal training sessions to get you stronger fast! Read More

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    • Cardio Training

    Cardio Training by Denver Fitness Trainer - TIS Fitness Systems

    Are you an endurance athlete looking to up your game? Are you looking to train for your first marathon or 5k? No matter your skill level, our Cardio Training service will get you where you want to be! Read More

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    • Nutritional Coaching

    Nutritional Coaching by Denver Fitness Trainer - TIS Fitness Systems

    For those who want help understanding the vastly complex world of nutrition and are not sure where to start. We believe that lifestyle changes, not fad diets, are the correct path to a healthier, happier life. Our Nutrition Coaching offers an analysis of your current diet, small adjustments you can make for big changes, and a relatively intensive tracking of your daily/weekly meals and weight to get you to where you want to be in the most efficient and safest way possible.. Read More

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    • Online Personal Training

    Online Personal Training by TIS Fitness Systems - Denver Fitness Trainer

    Want to work with us but are not in our area? No problem! Our Online Personal Training offers 1-on-1 phone/Skype/Facetime check-in's to discuss how your personalized program is going. Whether you want daily or weekly accountability checks, this is the service for you! Read More

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    • Injury Rehabilitation Coaching

    Returning to a sport, or everyday life, after an injury is not always a smooth transition. Muscular imbalances are very easily developed if injuries are not fully healed, which then put you at risk for more injury! This service offers specialized 1-on-1 coaching to ensure you get back to your pre-injury level of fitness so that you can get back to improving your sport skills or living your day to day life.. Read More

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